Money Pot

There was a bit less than 300k into the bonus money pot, and we couldn’t do anything with it except from activating its distribution. So we have have activated it and it is going to be distributed to U235 holders at block #7013834.

Please remove funds from pools

Some people keeps depositing funds despite the warning messages on TG, Medium and Twitter, so after that we are going to put the app offline. …

No matter what else we write below explaining what happened, including a series of difficult decisions available … what we list may sound like excuses but they are not, responsibility lies with us and we are working to the best of our abilities even now to rectify the situation for those who have lost, which is literally thousands of DeFi investors from across the globe.

Please also note we are giving as much detail as we can publicly, but we have shared this and more with representatives of Binance to assist in this delicate process. …

Ok all, it’s time for the big news about the new features that we could only tease until now.

Swap Fees:

First of all, we’re making our swap fees adjustable between 0.10% and 0.16%, as a way to make sure that we always have flexibility to achieve a balance of the lowest possible swap fees paired with the deepest liquidity to drive more trading volume in a capital efficient manner, especially from 1inch and the various other DEX aggregators. We will of course keep it set at 0.16% as often as possible, we will only set it lower if the economics work…

Ok, well, I’m going to be honest, this article was basically written, reviewed, edited. spell-checked, and about to be posted, and then we got the news… Uranium is now listed on 1inch !

Now the lowest swap fee AMM is officially available on the #1 aggregator on BSC !

This will bring us more trading volume as 1inch routes trades through Uranium, and a whole lot more attention too. More attention means more people adding liquidity on our pairs and which makes Uranium an even better place to trade !

We could probably go on all day about the 1inch…

We are aware of the various hot topics that some people have raised vocally, and a more permanent record of the responses is available by answering them here. Many items will be repetitive from the previous post, but for those who don’t feel a question or query you had has been addressed you may find it in the deeper details below. Most importantly, this document will provide our community members somewhere they can easily point people to or get answers from if/when certain topics are brought up.

#1 — Money Pot sizes:

In Uranium V1, the first three money pots were ~$240K on day 1…

Hi all and thank you for your patience, we’ve needed some time to put everything together and we didn’t want to rush this one. What you’re about to read should answer most of your questions about what’s been happening behind the scenes since the launch of V2, and what we’ve got planned for the future so that Uranium can grow and provide its low friction, capital efficient solutions as a core building block to DEFI with an initial focus on delivering this experience on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

From listening to the community, we feel that some people have…

First of all we again need to give an EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to the entire Uranium community. You might get sick of hearing this but we literally could not have done this without you and we are immensly grateful for your continued support and helping us achieve all we have done so far. We are well aware that our V2 launch could have (and should have) been smoother, but we hope that you can understand the pressure we have been under and forgive us for the few issues some faced.

V2 launch review:

In V1, it took us 3 days to achieve…

We have learnt from our missteps in V1, and have made the security and reliability of both our contracts and web infrastructure our highest priority.

We used the time before launching V2 to set 3 levels of verification by external auditors:

➡️ A talented white hat has throughly reviewed all our codebase and helped us in further optimizing and fortifying it. This step has completed and formed the basis of our code going out to Audit firms.

➡️ HyperJump has also completed the CodeReview and validated our contracts, and awarded the HyperCheck badge.

Uranium V2 is now less than 24 hours away : on Friday 16th April at 8pm UTC, Uranium V2 will officially be launched.

Starting then, you will be able to buy and sell our new U92 token on our exchange. V1 users will be able to migrate their RADS and sRADS and claim their compensations in U92 and U235, as explained in our previous medium article.

But, Uranium V2 won’t be a simple token rebranding. In this article, we’ll mainly focus on the changes this release will bring to our project.


Our protocol has quite unique mechanisms, and even though…

First of all we want to say a big THANK YOU to you all for your patience and for bearing with us while we dealt with the various difficulties we’ve encountered since the exploit. We really appreciate your support and you can rest assured that we have been working tirelessly to solve all issues as best we can and make the transition to and launch of V2 as smooth and as best possible.

We have considered every issue from every angle and listened to the community’s thoughts and concerns. We know we can’t please everyone, but all our decisions were…

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