Last rewards of the money pot, please remove funds from pools.

Money Pot

There was a bit less than 300k into the bonus money pot, and we couldn’t do anything with it except from activating its distribution. So we have have activated it and it is going to be distributed to U235 holders at block #7013834.

Please remove funds from pools

Some people keeps depositing funds despite the warning messages on TG, Medium and Twitter, so after that we are going to put the app offline.

Has we said many times, please remove your funds and please do not deposit new…

When the app will be offline the only way to do it will be to use emergency withdraw :

Following this step by step tutorial:

1) Go to Contract Address

Contract address :

It allows to view the transactions, balances, and source code. ​

2) Go to “Contract” -> “Read Contract” -> point 13. PoolInfo. Type the PoolID number of your token and click ‘’Query’’​

To simplify the procedure, here are the Pids :

0 : U92
4 : WBNB
5 : BUSD

3) Go to

4) Connect to Web3

5) Go to 4. Emergency withdrawal and put Pool ID (You can see the list in point 2)

Please note we have already deactivated rewards from farms, it will be done for pools too.