Transfer of funds to the money pot

EDIT : It seems there is a problem with Binance Bridge. We are looking on the best solution to do these transactions.

As announced on our medium article, we are going to move the funds the exploiter give back to us in order to put them in the V2 Money Pot.

Current wallet on Ethereum :

In order to continue with full transparency we will share all transactions.

We can withdraw them from Ethereum blockchain through different way. We choose to use the Binance Bridge :

The maxium amount that can be transferred with Binance Bridge is 120 000$ per 24 hours. Furthermore it has to be divided in 5 transactions.

We are going to move the first 120 000$ in 15 minutes (5 transactions). It will goes on the exact same wallet, but on the Binance Smart Chain.

Current wallet on BSC (empty for the moment) :

We will notify you before each transaction !