Uranium launch summary

This day was very intense for all the Uranium community.

We have reached more than $ 8,000,000 TVL in some hours, our community is bigger and bigger (more than 700 Telegram followers).

Exchange has opened (fairlaunch) since Apr-02–2021 12:18:24 PM +UTC and the price of token overpassed $50 before the opening of farms.

On the Apr-04–2021 12:42:12 PM +UTC, farms have opened and we have reached $ 3,000,000 TVL in one hour!

The circulating supply is currently under 24 000 Rads while there were 20 400 RADS pre-mined and the RADS price is still growing. Why, after 10 hours, the circulating supply is so low and the price so high ?
Because people fully understood the benefits of holding RADS and farming RADS in order to get sRADS and earn dividends. Only few are selling RADS. Furthermore, about the supply, the autoburn mechanism on every RADS transaction helped us decrease the supply (more than 3 000 RADS have been burnt automatically).

The current circulating supply of sRADS is 7000 ! All of the sRADS holders will earn soon, at block #6303500, dividends in BNB and BUSD.

We have already announced 6-digit number dividends will be distributed to reward our holders.

In a nutshell, the tokenomics is good, with solid basis, and everything should continue in this way !

Last news of the day, tomorrow the timelock contract will be expanded from 6 to 24 hours.

Forthcoming :

Our 3 priority areas of development in the coming days :

• Create a Uranium toolkit with various related info about our AMM (price chart, volumes…).

• Governance : you already earn dividends on Uranium, so like a shareholder, you should be able to be part of the important decisions. As our roadmap indicates, this will be done by the end of the month. We are working actively on this.

• Even if we had a very nice start, we are in a long-term perspective. To do so, the key will be to create a true ecosystem revolving around our AMM, by integrating promising DeFi projects into it. This is the main point that will take us to the top.

Thanks a lot to everyone for making this launch day a success.